valves and solenoid valves

Hand distributor valves and directional solenoid valves

Our hand distributor valves have a compact and ergonomic layout, suitable to be installed on our UP Series pumps (UPM and UPC) with Cetop3 connection, or in-line as flow deviators in double-acting hydraulic applications.
Thanks to high-quality materials, which are sturdy and anticorrosion treated, our valves are durable and performing even at very high pressures up to 1,000bar.
As accessories for the UP Series pumps with Cetop3 flanged connections (UPC and UPM) and for any other type of hydraulic application, we offer the DSA3-S3 / 11N directional solenoid valveand the flow divider valve kit which allows to operate with the same pump two different cylinders simultaneously and sinchronized.

Hand valves up to 1,000bar of working pressure

    4/3 (4-way-3-position) hand valve, manually operated, Cetop3 connection, working pressure up to 700bar.
    4/3 hand valve (4-way-3 positions), manually operated, Cetop3 connection, working pressure 1,000bar
  • N-LINE HAND VALVE 700BAR In-line hand valve, manually operated, 4-way block, working pressure 700bar.

Directional solenoid valve direct operated

Elettrovalvola direzionale a comando diretto

Flow divider valve kit

FLOW DIVIDER VALVE KIT: Cartridge flow divider / combiner valve kit, for the synchronized actuation of two cylinders simultaneously with a single device

valvola kit divisore flusso

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