Bell manufactures cylinders and filters for hydraulic applications, hydraulic pumps and log splitters

Hydraulic cylinders and filters, hydraulic pumps and wood splitters, forestry and agricultural equipment

We are manufacturers specialized in the hydraulic sector, we develop and manufacture parts for hydraulic systems: cylinders and filters for hydraulic applications, hydraulic pumps and log splitters.

For over 35 years our mission has always been the Customer Satisfaction, whose needs have always been and continue to be the core of our business. It is precisely a careful study of market trends that over the years has led us to seek an evolution on a double track; external, with the expansion of our product range and an increasingly significant presence on the market of our company; internal, investing in the growth of the identity of our company in terms of safety, health, safety, environment, and collaboration. 

The guidelines that represent us: 

  • Teamwork in every area of the organization;
  • Continuous improvement in every process and activity;
  • Prevention;
  • Mutual trust at all company levels;
  • For years, our company has maintained a constant growth trend resulting from research and innovation. Ensuring high quality levels in services and products for our Customers is always our priority.




BELL was founded in 1984 in Reggio Emilia – Italy as a spin-off of the OGNIBENE SPA – today OGNIBENE POWER SPA – with the aim of developing new products for the forestry, agricultural and gardening market. In particular the hydraulic log splitters considered for years an innovation on the European market was initially developed by Ognibene and therefore produced in BELL.

The new company BELL SRL has grown since then and has become a market leader by developing hydraulic log splitters along with many other products, such as the full range of petrol engine brushcutters or a lightweight chainsaw suitable for pruning.

In 2000, BELL SRL decides to focus in the Automotive and Industrial market and develops a complete range of hydraulic products including hydraulic pumps for lifting cars and motorcycles and for many other applications. In the same period it also produces a wide range of hydraulic filters also called “last-chance filters” useful to keep the fluids of the hydraulic circuits always clean and free of impurities. 

Today, over 35 years of experience in the hydraulic sector, BELL SRL continues today to innovate and to place on the global market high quality competitive products 100% Made in Italy.


  • 1984 Fundation. 
  • 1994 New building for the headquarter in via F. De Pisis, 5 – Reggio Emilia – Italy
  • 1996 Development and market launch of Woody, the first electro-hydraulic log splitter with integrated pump, electric motor and cylinder. The first concept of log splitter suitable for being sold through the large distribution chains. 
  • 2001 Acquisition of the “pneumo-hydraulic pumps and in-line filters” business unit from the OGNIBENE SPA. BELL starts a product diversification and acquires new shares on the Market by focusing on the Automotive market. 
  • 2005 Development of a complete range of hand pumps for the truck cab tilting system in cooperation with the Company OGNIBENE SPA. 
  • 2008 Development of the hydraulic steering cylinder production line for agricultural tractors, front loaders and valves for power steering systems. 
  • 2014 30th Anniversary. 
  • 2015-2020 BELL SRL continues to improve and widen the range of products 

Our values

  • Passion
  • Integrity
  • Quality
  • Commitment
  • Innovation
  • Customer care