Biodegradable hydraulic oil KAJO HEES 32

High performance biodegradable synthetic hydraulic oil
Meet the requirements of EU Ecolabel, Blaue Engel
Bosch Rexroth Group approved – Made in Germany

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High-performance synthetic hydraulic oil with the European Union ecological quality label and the Blauer Engel environmental label

KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 32 is used wherever there is a risk that hydraulic fluid leaks may come into contact with groundwater or wastewater. By this we mean, for example, equipment that works in purification and water protection areas or in the surface water sector, such as: 

  • Dredges and crane pontoons • Hydraulic blocking and river barriers • Tunnels and pipe pushers • Hydraulic power packs in woods and fields • Earth moving machines in water • Forestry machines.

KAJO-BIO-Hydrauliköl HEES 32 excellent stability to oxidation, corrosion and high loads with an high efficiency of its properties even at low temperatures.

Biodegradable hydraulic oil KAJO HEES 32: main features

  • Based on selected and easily biodegradable synthetic esters
  • Particularly powerful and environmentally friendly combination of additives
  • Zinc free
  • Excellent stability to oxidation, corrosion and high loads
  • Good low temperature properties
  • Meets VDMA 24568 and ISO 15380 requirements
  • “Blauer Engel” environmental label according to RAL-UZ 178
  • European Union Quality Label: high percentage of renewable raw materials
  • Approved by SP Technical Research Institute, Sweden Standard 15 54 34

Biodegradable hydraulic oil KAJO HEES 32: technical features

Degree of viscosity (V): 32 ISO VG  DIN 51 519
Kinematic viscosity: 32 mm2/s at 40ºC. DIN ISO 3104
7,25 mm2/s at 100ºC. DIN ISO 3104
Boiling point Initial: over 280°C
Density: 868 kg / m3 a 15ºC
Flash point: 250ºC. (PMCC).
Percentage of renewable raw materials 80 % ASTM D 6866
Pour point 30°C ASTM D 97

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  • P/N K91301002 OIL TANK 1 LT.
  • P/N K91301006 OIL TANK 5 LT.

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