Air-hydraulic water pumps for heat engineering

Hydropneumatic pumps to use water for thermo-hydraulic applications

We manufacture hydropneumatic pumps for water use, suitable for thermo-hydraulic applications. Our UP-H20 Series hydraulic pumps are created to put specific circuits under pressure using water, therefore they can be installed in any systems which use normal water (H2O) instead of hydraulic fluids (oils and glycols).

Mainly intended for thermo-hydraulic applications, they can be supplied either complete with water tank (2.4l and 10l) and couplings to the pneumatic network, or without water tank and directly connectable to the normal water line. Different models are available in the UP-H20 Series to meet any requirements: high water pressures up to 250 bar, large water flow rates (l / min) and extremely compact size.

H2O air-water pump series:

  1. UPF252-H²O – Air hydraulic pump, single acting, for water use (H2O), pedal operated, water flow 2.6 l / min (0.7 l / min at full load), water pressure 250bar, tank capacity 2.4L
  2. UPM2510-H²O – Air-hydraulic pump, double acting, CETOP 3 connection, 4/3 stainless steel distributor valve, water flow 0.7 (l / min) at 250bar
  3. UPW250-H²O – Hydro-pneumatic motor, for water use (H2O), water flow rate from the water mains, water pressure up to 250bar, without tank

Air-hydraulic water pumps for heat engineering: main features

  1. Foot operated or with 4-way stainless steel hand distributor valve.
  2. Single and double acting applications.
  3. Can be connected to the normal pneumatic line or directly to the water line (H2O).
  4. Built-in differential type release valve, hydraulically balanced to eliminate any opening shocks and allow fast and controlled returns of water.
  5. Replaceable internal air filter, as well as an externally adjustable relief valve to protect the most delicate system parts.
  6. UPW version without water tank for direct connection to the water line (H2O).

All parts affected by the water have been made of proper materials (brass, stainless steel, nylon) to prevent any corrosive action and for the max durability.

Water pumps for heat engineering: additional benefits:

  1. Inlet air filter and internal water filter to protect the pump itself and the system parts
  2. Externally adjustable relief valve
  3. Integral pump body in brass
  4. Pump piston in stainless steel
  5. 4/3 way hand distributor valve in stainless steel
  6. Sealing bushings in stainless steel

All BELL products are designed and manufactured within BELL SRL in via F. De Pisis, 5 – 42124 Reggio Emilia (RE) – Italy, according to the Quality Standards that distinguish the MADE IN ITALY from the Rest of the World.