Hydraulic cylinders and IVECO cab tilting systems with electric drive

We manufacture single and double-acting hydraulic cylinders and the complete range of the Iveco cab tilting systems that allow you to lock the cab in the lowered position and release it when it needs to be raised. Efficient and safe control of the cabin ascent and descent speed, they are designed to prevent any accidents due to the breakage of the hydraulic pipes.

Many fields of application: aftermarket, livestock, agriculture, industry and transport.

IVECO aftermarket electric cab tilting system

  • CAB TILTING SYSTEM: E-CAB integrated electro-hydraulic pump and cylinder, electric drive, for cab tilting systems, IVECO aftermarket, double acting

Hydraulic cylinders for IVECO cab tilting systems

  • CAB TILTING SYSTEM: HYDRAULIC CYLINDERS for cab tilting systems, IVECO aftermarket, single and double acting


All BELL products are designed and manufactured within BELL SRL in via F. De Pisis, 5 – 42124 Reggio Emilia (RE) – Italy, according to the Quality Standards that distinguish the MADE IN ITALY from the Rest of the World.