Single and double stage hand hydraulic pumps for single and double acting actuators

We design and manufacture hand hydraulic pumps, lever or pedal operated, in single and double stage versions for single and double acting actuators. Lightweight, compact and sturdy, they are designed to guarantee the best performance and a long durability. Designed for an use in indoor and outdoor hydraulic applications, they are suitable for being combined with motorcycle and motor vehicle lifts, emergency hydraulic tools, small clamping systems, hydraulic crimpers and much more. 

Several models of our HFP Series are available for satisfying any requirements:


HFP200: Steel / aluminum single speed hydraulic hand pump, foot operated, 1.3L usable oil

HFP2STSE: Double speed hydraulic hand pump with lever or pedal operation, light, compact and robust, single acting, 1L usable oil

HFP2STDE: Double speed hydraulic hand pump with lever or pedal, light, compact and robust, double effect, 1L usable oil

HFP2STUS-ULTRA SLIM: Hand hydraulic pump, double speed, lever / pedal operated, for industrial and professional tools, single acting cylinders, 0.5L usable oil

Single and double acting hydraulic hand pumps: features and advantages

  1. Made entirely of high-strength steel and aluminum, the hydraulic hand pumps of our range have a double piston element to reduce any effort and increase the speed.
  2. All main parts are treated for the best resistance to corrosion and atmospheric agents
  3. Different oil tank capacities.
  4. Manual operation (ergonomic handle) or pedal (anti-slip knurling).
  5. Single or double speed for a significant reduction of the effort on the lever and the number of strokes necessary to reach the output pressure required.
  6. All BELL hydraulic hand pumps are equipped with a built-in or external relief valve to protect against any overloads.
  7. The HFP2ST BELL pumps of the HFP Series are double-stage hydraulic hand pumps for quick advance and high output pressures over 700bar with small effort on the hand lever.
  8. Compatibility with single and double acting cylinders.

All BELL products are designed and manufactured within BELL SRL in via F. De Pisis, 5 – 42124 Reggio Emilia (RE) – Italy, according to the Quality Standards that distinguish the MADE IN ITALY from the Rest of the World