In-line hydraulic filters with bk-ring for high pressure systems – 500 Series

With the 500 Series in-line filters for high-pressure systems, we offer filtering devices which ensure the best protection to the most delicate parts of any hydraulic system.

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Hydraulic In-line filters with bk-ring for filtering at high pressures – 500 Series: main features

Connected to the delivery or discharge line of the hydraulic system, they can filter any impurities in the fluid by retaining even the finest particles of dirt, with a filtering degree up to 10µm.

The 500 Series hydraulic in-line filters for high pressure systems are mostly applied in the agricultural and forestry, earthmoving, Automotive, industrial, marine, wind and transport fields.

500 Series

  • In line operation
  • Compact and lightweight
  • Maximum strength and efficiency
  • High filtering performance and resistance
  • With anti-extrusion to overcome even the highest pressure peaks
  • Interchangeable filter parts 
  • Replaceable or washable filter cartridge in sintered bronze 
  • Reversible filter to ensure filtering in both directions of the flow
  • Ease of installation

Hydraulic In-line filters with bk-ring for filtering at high pressures – 500 Series: technical features

Max working pressure (bar):500
Max oil flow (nominal) (l/min):100
Filtering range (µm):10-25-40-60-80/100
Filter body:Anodized aluminum
Filtering element:Sintered bronze
Oil Port:BSP / NPTF
Threads:1/2 “ – 1/4 “ – 3/8”
Weight (kg):0,24


Dimensioni dei filtri oleodinamici in linea con antiestrusione per filtraggi ad alta pressione -Serie500Confronti di serie

Confronti di serie 

925001411IL500-R 14/101 / 4” BSP10 µALUNBR 70SH
925001426IL500-R 14/251 / 4” BSP25 µALUNBR 70SH
925001441IL500-R 14/401 / 4” BSP40 µALUNBR 70SH
925001461IL500-R 14/601 / 4” BSP60 µALUNBR 70SH
925001481IL500-R 14/801 / 4” BSP80 µALUNBR 70SH

Series comparison

Filter accessories

Filtering element

Filter marking

The in-line filters of the 500 Series, like all BELL filters, are marked with type, brand, connection, production date and operator. Customized marking on demand.

All BELL products are designed and manufactured within BELL SRL in via F. De Pisis, 5 – 42124 Reggio Emilia (RE) – Italy, according to the Quality Standards that distinguish the MADE IN ITALY from the Rest of the World.